Interactive GPS Hearplay

ZagHdk Radio

Core-concept: ZagHdaK Radio is an interactive GPS hear-play created at ZHdK in October 2009. The main concept is to have a real physical space (in our case Zürich) in which a user can move around randomly. This physical reality is then overlayed by a second perception layer (in our case audio feedback) which is supposed to guide the user around in the physical reality and provide him with different audio information depending on the chosen way. ZagHdaK-Radio plays with contrasts between imagination and reality and extends awareness and perception. Concept realisation: As second perception layer the ZagHdaK-Radio concept features an imaginary setup of an unnamed city in the Middle East. This imaginary layer is invisibly mapped over the physical reality and represented by audio feedback. Certain predefined points on the reality layer trigger certain soundactions on the audio layer. Interactivity is provided by the way we move around and by the way approaching the predefined points. When strolling around far from the predefined points the user is provided with monotonous audio-heartbeat; when approaching a point, the heartbeat speeds up and finally, depending on distance to that point, triggers different sounds. Every point is accessible by different streets and depending on the route chosen, one approaches the point in another context (correspondingly different sound is played on the audio-layer). The predefined points and the corresponding soundfiles are arranged in a way that individual narratives emerge when moving around. ZagHdaK radio is partly political since it talks about problematic tendencies in world politics but does not consider itself as a purely political project; ZagHdaK radio features different approaches of everyday life in a middle eastern town.